Piano and Vocals (David Simon)

On monday, David and I went to Summer Fields School to record the lovely Bechstein grand they have there. We got all 13 piano tracks recorded in one day! Well done David…

The piano had a naturally dull timbre, so I went for the brightest spot mics I had – Neumann KM184’s.  I also used a pair of Oktava MK012’s further back to capture the full piano and room sound. Loverly.

david simon piano2DS vocals

We spent a part of the next couple of days doing a few more vocal tracks with the new R1 ribbon microphone, as I didn’t feel the SM7b was the right sound for some of the songs. We also had Alana grace us with her fantastic backing vocals! By the time David had to leave, we’d finished all of the recording for the album and at last had rough mixes of all the tracks. Now we just need to finish the mixes!

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