After four days of intense rehearsals, Fabien’s new incarnation of Lazare were ready for a day of recording at the Hollow Way. We managed to record several songs in just a few hours.

Fabien’s stormy guitars, Charly’s ethereal rhodes piano, Jake’s rich bass tones and Whitey-D’s pounding drums combine for an incredibly powerful live sound – definitely a must-see for anyone in Oxford and London when they begin touring in January 2010.

The whole band was recorded in the live room at the same time – no overdubs, no autotune, no beat doctoring, just raw live energy. I’ll see if can post a song or two here. Mics were:

Vocals – Beyer M260.80 (ribbon with very good rejection)

Guitar – audix i5 + Avantone CR14

Keys – DI

Bass – DI and AKG D112

Snare – i5, Kick – d6+ SM7b, Toms – d2/d4, Overheads – MK012

One thought on “Lazare

  1. Mate, never saw this post ! Thank you for your time and such great review. It’s been so cool and can’t wait to record again.
    I did a quick mix, can be heard here
    [audio src="" /]
    Take care and speak soon !

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