Record and refurbish

Dave’s out giving our live room a new lick of paint – much needed! We’re also building a mini stage and putting in a false ceiling above, to minimise sound leakage and improve the acoustics in there. Can’t wait to get it all finished.

Today I finished the mixing of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Warmness on your soul” for Ryan and Helen’s wedding, now I just gotta burn 50 copies! The SM7b (through GAP73) was definitely the right mic for Steve’s singing – his voice sounded thick, yet clear and present; loverrly. The distorted electric guitar was recorded with an Audix i5 and an Avantone CR14 ribbon mic – I was so impressed by the fatness of the CR14 that I didn’t even mix in the i5 – it seems to really tame the harshness of guitar distortion.

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