To Everest and Scotland

Today has been spent recording Oxford University Press / Bookworms audio books at Tom Dick and Debbie in Oxford. Two stories, one on Scotland and the other on Everest, read by two very good voice artists. Nice to be paid to have people read you stories!

I used AKG C414 B-XLS on both voices – not a particularly exciting sounding mic but it does the job. I often find it almost too sensitive for the job as you hear every little part of a persons mouth… jaw cracks, spit squelches, tongue slaps, and even nose whistles. I’d like to use a dynamic mic like an RE20 or SM7b sometime on a voice over – I’m sure there’d be less editing afterwards.

Record and refurbish

Dave’s out giving our live room a new lick of paint – much needed! We’re also building a mini stage and putting in a false ceiling above, to minimise sound leakage and improve the acoustics in there. Can’t wait to get it all finished.

Today I finished the mixing of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Warmness on your soul” for Ryan and Helen’s wedding, now I just gotta burn 50 copies! The SM7b (through GAP73) was definitely the right mic for Steve’s singing – his voice sounded thick, yet clear and present; loverrly. The distorted electric guitar was recorded with an Audix i5 and an Avantone CR14 ribbon mic – I was so impressed by the fatness of the CR14 that I didn’t even mix in the i5 – it seems to really tame the harshness of guitar distortion.