PMC twotwo.8 – first impressions

I’ve just been fortunate enough to get a killer deal on a pair of (ex-demo) PMC twotwo.8’s, which arrived a couple of days ago. They are truly huge, and weigh in at 12.5kg, which makes them tricky move around…

PMC twotwo8

I immediately noticed the clarity in the mid range and the extended highs are a delight. Very stable centre image. The wide dispersion is great for working alongside other musicians who want to hear the sound clearly outside of the sweet spot. I’ve been playing around with positioning them, and finding it a little difficult to settle on a spot – currently they are strong in 100-200Hz but lacking below that, even though they extend down to 25Hz. The EQ control for bass boosts everything below 500Hz, which will not solve the problem!

They have an AES input which I’m hoping will have a voltage tolerance that will accept S/PDIF output from my interface. As there is a digital crossover in the speaker, this would bypass a whole layer of D/A-A/D conversion.

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