Upcycling a bed frame into a Bass Trap

Completed Bass Trap.JPG

We were getting rid of our old bed and I noticed the frame looked a lot like that of an acoustic panel… so I thought it was worth a go converting it into one! It took a lot longer than actually buying the wood from scratch, but it was satisfying and fun to do, and saves money and waste!


The covering materials removed… lots of staples to remove. So many staples. This is why it took so long to do…


Frame cut to size and re-assembled.


Covering the frame with acoustically transparent material (Cara fabric from EQ Acoustics)


Material stretched and stapled. Frame filled with mineral wool.


Completed! Now to hang it on the wall. It’s pretty heavy so…


… I better do it properly.


And complete! This panel has made a profound difference. A 200Hz area was giving me some trouble but this appears to have solved it, and probably helped lower frequencies too…



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