1 track for £25      4 tracks for £90     10 tracks for £180

Price based on average track length of 3-4 minutes.

This is purely for the audio mastering. If additional services are required (DDP/metadata/database submission) then please ask!

Mixing, recording and editing:

Please get in touch using the form below, with some information about your project if you’d like to know my rates.

For production jobs I may request a royalty/advance payment rather than daily rate.

Cassette transfer: £15 for straight transfer of a cassette onto CD, .wav file or .mp3. £30 if you’d like the tracks individually split and tidied up (for which I’ll need a track list and timings).

Please get in touch if you’re interested in any of the services I offer or wish to chat about a project of yours. I give free advice if you want it!