Mastering is the process of preparing the final mix(es) for duplication, replication or upload. I offer very competitive rates on mastering.

Contact me if you interested in having your tracks mastered!

Please supply me with .wav or .aif files of at least 44.1kHz/24-bit quality. You may wish to acquire ISRC codes beforehand from PPL. I can contribute to deciding the track order if you are not sure!

I listen in an acoustically treated and isolated room on a range of speakers. I pay critical attention to dynamics and equalization, as well as noise and spatial attributes to present your mixes in the best possible way to the listener.

I can provide..

  • DDP files
  • WAV/AIF files
  • MP3 files (mastered specially for SoundCloud)
  • Text documentation of track listing/durations/ISRC
  • Submission of track names to Gracenote database (iTunes)